A new generation of Shell V-Power racing fuels has been developed in partnership with the ACO, the FIA and the competing manufacturers. Greater performance with reduced consumption lays the foundation for future road models.

The crowning event of the season is the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours, one of the most important annual sporting occasions in the world. The rest of the FIA WEC season is no less momentous: a series of six hour races stretching from Europe to the Middle East, Asia and the USA.

Shell V-Power gasoline and diesel racing fuels have been evolved for the 2014 season to help the competing manufacturers – Audi, Porsche and Toyota – achieve a 30% reduction in consumption. The joint efforts made to achieve this goal mean that all competitors benefit from Shell V-Power racing fuels, proving that the blend of speed and sustainability has never been more spectacular.

  • Night and day racing – the Le Mans 24 Hours is the most celebrated round-the-clock event in sport
  • Shell scientists and competing teams work together to create sporting spectacle with real-world benefits for the next generation of roadgoing technology
  • Diversity is the name of the game as both gasoline and diesel technology is showcased in a field of both thoroughbred sportsprototypes and production-based GT cars
Alianza Por La Innovación Shell Con Ferrari

Alianza Por La Innovación Shell Con Ferrari

Conoce más acerca de los momentos más significativos y las victorias más celebradas, dentro de la historia de la alianza tecnológica entre Shell y Ferrari.

Alianza Tecnológica, Shell - Ferrari

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